Cloud Template from an OVA

vRealize Automation 8 Traditionally, the creation of a VM is done cloning either a vSphere Template, GCP Machine Image or an AWS AMI. vRA 8 also supports creating VM’s from OVA/OVF. An OVA is a way of packaging a virtual machine in an open standard, much like you can create an ISO of a CD.Continue reading “Cloud Template from an OVA”

Create your first blueprint

vRealize Automation 8 vRealize Automation (vRA) has a large toolbox where you can create amazing services work the line of business. In this post I’ll show how you can start creating your first simple service. The prerequisite is a basic configured vRA as in the post “First simple configuration of Realize Automation” and also aContinue reading “Create your first blueprint”

First simple configuration of vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation 8 After the installation of vRealize Automation (vRA), and before the creation of services you have to do an initial configuration. This is how you can do a very quick and simple configuration of vRA Navigate to the startpage, https://vRA-FQDN Log on using the user you created/configured in installation of vRA, in theContinue reading “First simple configuration of vRealize Automation”

Cloud Agnostic Blueprint

vRealize Automation vRealie Automations (vRA) has en incredible feature that enables you to deploy the same service/blueprint can be used on different cloud plattforms. You don’t have to create a service per platform. The first thing we have to do, to be able to create VM:s on other platforms that vSphere, is to add aContinue reading “Cloud Agnostic Blueprint”